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Recently, the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) began a Clean Air In Building Challenge (“google it”) setting things in motion so the importance of improving indoor air quality (IAQ) increases priority.  This is more likely in our post Covid-19 era.  Of course IAQ guidance already exists by way of OSHA, EPA, ACGIH, AIHA, et al.

Here at Industrial Hygiene 24/7, the passion for IAQ goes back 25 years, way before it became “in vogue”.  IAQ is an essential function certified industrial hygienist’s (CIH’s) and it runs deep.  In fact, attaining the CIH designation requires about 7 years of specialized education, training and examination, requires vigorous recertification and strict ethical standards!  As a science-based and peer reviewed credential there’s no role for sales gimmicks, catch-phrases and sound-bites.  CIH’s anticipate, identify, evaluate and control IAQ exposures using feasible recommendations. 

CIHs know government standards tend to be the minimum, simply incorporating by reference privately developed standards.  Such standards normally make up “best practices” that form the hallmark of IAQ professionalism. 

As such we offer, and have always offered, a Responsible Assessment Guide to Upgrading Air Quality (“RAGU”). 

RAGU assessments customize your environment, interests, particular history and concerns.  We navigate this often-confusing topic for you using the best resources available.  Again, we don’t use catchy sales words not standing up to scientific scrutiny.

Making sense of the plethora of IAQ terms (e.g., MERV Ratings, HEPA, microns, ASHRAE, PPM, Mg/M3, and so many more) takes time, and can be very tricky to sort thru.  Apparent contradictions abound.  How do you know when you have learned enough to make the right decision?  What’s the best, most complete yet concise location for practical decision-making decision?

Even the best short article can only bait interest in beginning a much longer process.  But when will it end?  What decision will result?

We can break it down for you in your own setting, with your own concerns but applying the fundamentals of science, of the unknowns, of the products and services that exist and cut thru the maze for you.

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